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This paper is focused on nowadays issues of the research on adaptation linked to stress.

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Allostasis is an oscillatory stabilization which allows the adjustment to various states. In contrast to the chronic or severe stress, a light or moderate stress named eustress has positive stimulating issues, related especially to the secretion of endorphins.

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Is in progress the foundation of adaptology which integrates the structural, functional and biopsychosocial sides of adaptation. In Romania, adaptology is promoted by several publications.

Riga, Allostatic adaptive systems have much broader boundaries than of acquired traits.

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The main crucial advance has been performed by Darwin with his homeostasis. They enable to respond to many physiological states: awake, theory of evolution by natural selection, developed later by neodarwinism. Examples of allostatic loads are the adverse effects of job strain on the Further on will be underlined six main dimensions of this area of interest.

Its definition The above described theoretical information is illustrated in Figure 1.

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Are proposed two forms of allostatic load resulting in different responses: type 1 allostatic overload found especially among animals when energy demand exceeds supply, and type 2 when allostatic overload occurs when there is sufficient or even excess energy consumption accompanied by social conflicts or dysfunctions; this type present particularly in human society. Allostasis means maintaining stability through change. This notion has been applied to the adjustment of the cardiovascular system, but can be used to explain other physi- Fig.

The stress response and development of allostatic load 19 ological processes of the body, such as secretion of cortisol or catecholamine Received August Accepted September Address for correspondence: Prof.

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Life-philosophy with shifts in an existential perspective. In Romania, Kallay 16, 17 has studied systematically this responses. Physiological and pathophysiological effects of allostasis involve the action of Posttraumatic growth explains why large proportion of subjects submitted glucocorticoids GC through intracellular, protoplasmatic steroid receptors and of to adverse events recovers successfully and fast returning to their pre-trauma catecholamines CA via membrane receptors and the second-messenger system.

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Most important is the fact that sometimes the initial functional level As well GC and CA act finally at the cell nucleus. The psychological background of these positive reactions implies the intervention of meaning making.

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This topic has been developed in dr ubeta slimming last decades in several directions. Resilience implies good outcomes regardless of high-risks status, constant Horowitz 13, 15 has explored systematically the clinical significance of competition under stress, and efficient coping mechanisms.

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The negative effects traumatic reactions, designed an event scale and elaborated a theory of traumatic of adverse life situations depend on the vulnerability of subjects which in stressful reactions based on a social-cognitive approach. A comprehensive book is devoted to the treatment of stress response syn- This dynamic process has been firstly described by Emmy Werner 34 on dromes dr ubeta slimming Taiwanese children, which grew up in very bad conditions.

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The results showed The neuro-endocrine mechanisms of the stress-syndrome have been studied that one third of these youngsters did not exhibit destructive behaviors; this fact is extensively by Chrousos 6, 7the occupational outcomes by Theorell 33and the explained by Werner by their resilience.

The literature on the theories, models and and Cyrulnik 9 in France. Further details can be found in Wikipedia For details see Kallay 16 and Derevenco Eustress, aiming a light or moderate stress with positive stimulating issues, has been introduced by Selye and mentioned in his later writings Eustress implies the secretion of endorphins and of other neuromediators including likely serotonin.

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The exercise-dependence of some athletes is probably related to the euphoric state produced by moderate exercise and social environ- mental factors. Eustress represents a basis of the stress-inoculation method with preventive and curative effects.

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At present is in progress the foundation and promotion of adaptology, a new, distinct discipline which integrates the structural, functional and biopsychosocial components of adaptology.

For the time being, we mention dr ubeta slimming contributions of the Romanian scientists. An adverse event can induce four main consequences shown in Fig. A pioneer of studies on adaptation is Schneider Recently, he has been matic growth PTG. Tedescky et al.

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